AMAG Symmetry Access Control Software

Access Control

Access Control Systems

Symmetry Access Control Systems are designed to suit every type and size of organization from small offices and colleges through to government agencies and multi-national corporations.

One of the greatest strengths of Symmetry is the software which is very easy to use and contains a huge range of features to increase security and improve productivity of the security and facility management teams. Whether the customer's requirement is simply to issue badges to open doors, or if alarm management, video and other security measures are important to the organization, Symmetry will be a great choice.

Symmetry is an open system with many different options for combining security equipment and software into a single Security Management System which follows international standard for networking and integration.

New users of Symmetry benefit from the very wide range of up-to-date software and integration features used in 30,000 Symmetry systems already installed around the world. Symmetry is fully-featured, highly reliable and extremely cost effective for any size implementation.


Access Control
  • Symmetry is easy to use, extremely powerful and follows the latest Microsoft design guides. It looks like Microsoft Office, so it is easy to learn and to start using extra features
  • Symmetry expands beyond Access Control into a complete fully-featured Security Management System
  • Role based user permissions hide everything that each system operator is not permitted to see
  • SymmetryWeb software is perfect for mobile devices and occasional users
  • Symmetry expands to suit large integrated, high security, multi-site, multi-national deployments
  • Symmetry is available in Business (USA only), Professional, Enterprise, Homeland & Global editions, all sharing the same software features

Access Management

Access Control Software
  • Employee information can be directly input or imported from HR systems or Active Directory
  • Access can be configured for any date range, days of the week or hours of the day
  • Multiple easy methods for setting access rights by access code, reader group, card reader or badge type
  • Contractors can be set with specific access times and badge designs
  • Ability to encode smart cards using encoders or during printing
  • Many advanced features such as extended door unlock times for people with disabilities
  • Multiple badges can be issued to each employee or contractor and original card details kept if cards are lost
  • Multi-company and Permissions features deal with multi-tenant or complex environments
  • A full Visitor Management system is included as standard

Personal Information & Badges

  • Up to 50 items of user configured data can be recorded for each employee, contractor or visitor
  • Personal data fields can be imported, made mandatory, selectable from drop down lists or set data formats
  • Personal data items (such as department name) can be printed on badges if required
  • Photos and Signatures can be imported or directly recorded in the Symmetry database
  • Webcams can be used to take photographs for storage in the Symmetry database
  • Badge design can be automatically adjusted based on personal data items such as first aid training or department
  • Supports any windows compliant badge printer
  • All personal data items can be withheld from system operators and security teams as required
  • PIN codes can be manually or randomly allocated typically with 4 or 6 digits
  • Fingerprint and Hand Geometry templates can be managed by Symmetry for selected biometric devices

Software Features

Symmetry Access Control
  • Symmetry contains hundreds of novel software features so a live demonstration is recommended
  • Choice of the new SymmetryWEB web client or full traditional client software
  • Tabs and ribbon bars mirror the functionality of Microsoft Office making them easy to use
  • Operators only see the features and options that they are allowed to use
  • Over time customers can start using new features to improve efficiency and security
  • Task Manager is a new feature allowing any routine or one-off security or administration task to be scheduled and reported
  • Help is available on every screen providing information about the purpose of every data field
  • Customers can record their own notes or instructions or attach their own documents to every screen
  • Language Pack capability allows language to switch according to the system operator

Alarm Management & System Monitoring

Alarm Management Access Control
  • Sophisticated alarm management with filters, colour coding, sounds and 999 priority levels
  • Alarm screens can show when doors are held open too long or are forced open
  • Separate Current Activity screens show real time activity of all types across the system
  • Video Verification screen allows security personnel to compare badge photo to live image
  • Video integration allows any event on the system to trigger viewing of pre and post video clip
  • Locator feature identifies last 25 movements of any card holder to track route and current location
  • Card Watch feature allows alarm to be generated every time certain cards are used
  • Standard reports show access rights and system activity
  • Alarms can be monitored real time from multi-layer graphical maps
  • Workflow module allows advanced handling of alarms for complex environments

Add-on Software Modules

Access Control Software
  • Most Symmetry functionality is included as standard but add-on optional modules are available
  • Data Connect allows card data and event data to be imported, and card records to be exported
  • XML Web Service Open Integration allows sophisticated integration with any other software application
  • Threat Level Manager allows 5 different security levels to be preconfigured
  • Workflow Designer allows flowchart design of alarm response for high security environments
  • Safety Roll Call provides sophisticated mustering for evacuation and fire drills
  • Intercom Management allows full integration with Zenitel Stentafon intercoms
  • Intrusion Management allows Symmetry controllers to work as a UL certified intrusion panel for SCIF
  • Guard Patrol allows card readers or ProxiPen (depends on version) to be used for Guard Patrol

Door Controllers

AMAG Door Controller
  • All Symmetry Door controllers contain distributed intelligence ensuring access control continues to run even if the network or server should be off-line
  • If the network is offline, message queues (MSMQ) ensure no data download or upload is lost
  • The M2150 controller range is very flexible allowing installation cost to be minimized by using 2, 4, 8 or 16 card readers per steel enclosure
  • The EN controller range is optimized for edge network applications using PoE, typically with 1 or 2 doors or card readers per controller
  • The SR controller range is designed for cost effective upgrades to Symmetry from legacy Casi Rusco Picture Perfect and FCWnX systems
  • Typically all controllers are connected to a standard corporate LAN or WAN but controller chains, a dedicated network, or hard wiring direct from server to controller are also possible
  • All controllers are certified to the American UL294 access control standard and meet relevant EN standards

Card Readers & Biometrics

  • Symmetry works with almost any standard Card Reader or Biometric device from HID or other manufacturers
  • The Symmetry card reader range supports MIFARE, DESFire, PIV, TWIC, FRAC smart cards
  • Other card readers in the Symmetry range support HID 125KHz Proximity and legacy Magstripe cards
  • Symmetry card readers uses a special long range MCLP protocol which and monitors the card reader for tampering
  • HID iClass Card Readers and Cards are full supported by Symmetry
  • 4 or 6 digit PIN is supported and recommended for medium to high security applications
  • Commands can be activated from Symmetry PIN readers to carry out any system command remotely
  • Symmetry display readers work as alarm keypads for integrated intrusion applications such as SCIF
  • Any standard Biometric readers supporting finger, vein, iris, or face recognition are supported (requires weigand interface)
  • Fingerprint and hand geometry templates can be encoded and managed by Symmetry