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Symmetry Access Control

Symmetry is a flexible, cost effective Access Control System and is the perfect choice for organizations of any size. With Symmetry you can easily start small - with a security system to keep your people and assets safe and secure. Then you can let your access control system grow with your organization because there are no limits to the size of a Symmetry system.

Symmetry can scale seamlessly to meet the needs of the world's largest multi-national corporations and government agencies. Symmetry is the world's most widely used access control system with over 30,000 systems in over 90 countries - and millions of users every day.

Symmetry is an open system and meets all the design goals of technology professionals. It will run on your business network and can control any number of locations on a single system.

Symmetry is extremely easy to learn and use, and contains a large number of productivity and security features. Symmetry provides badge production, visitor management, alarm handling and many other features as standard in the software. Video and many other security equipment integrations can be added over time without any disruption.

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Access Control Software

Access Control

Symmetry security management software is unique as it is both easy to use yet packed with features that allow it to expand from Access Control for an office or college all the way up to some of the largest and most secure Security Management Systems deployed worldwide.

Designed as an Open System using the latest Microsoft .Net software architecture and networking protocols, Symmetry runs securely across any IP network and can integrate with a wide range of other security equipment and application software.

Symmetry is the most widely used Security Management System worldwide with more than 30,000 systems in over 90 countries.


Symmetry Door Controllers

Symmetry Door Controller

Intelligent Door Controllers provide the distributed intelligence for the Symmetry Access Control system and ensure total reliability and security.

Symmetry controllers are designed “as one” with Symmetry software and provide enhanced security and reliability features such as AES encryption and Message Queues for reliable data transmission across any IP network or VPN.

Symmetry has a wide range of specially designed door controllers for both centralized and edge system designs.

Uniquely, new versions of Symmetry software will always work with existing Symmetry Door Controllers without any need to upgrade. This makes it easy and inexpensive to stay up to date.


Symmetry Card Readers

Card Reader

Symmetry works with almost any card reader or biometric device and is also available with a new range of Symmetry Smart Card and Proximity readers.

Javelin card readers have a contemporary design suitable for the latest office environments and are designed to cost effectively meet international, government and military smart card standards. Keypad card readers offer advanced capabilities such as the ability to issue any Symmetry system command direct from a card reader – ideal for many security applications.

The Symmetry MCLP card reader to controller communications offer advanced security and features compared to the standard wiegand protocol used by many other card readers and systems.


Smart Cards

Smart Card Readers

Today nearly every new system will use a contactless smart card. Unlike a bank debit or credit card the contactless card does not touch the card reader and that is a convenience factor which also extends the life of the card and reader.

Identity assurance is clearly a key issue when choosing a security system and the combination of a card with a unique PIN number and/or a biometric (such as a fingerprint template) is often a discussion point and should be compatible with any smart card selected.

One of the first steps in selecting a new Access Control System is making a choice about the type of smart card you are going to use. For most organizations the card is also an identity card printed with the user’s photo, name, department and usually the logo of the organization.