AMAG Symmetry Door Controllers

Symmetry Door Controllers

Door Controllers

Symmetry Door Controllers provide distributed intelligence for the access control system, ensuring that the system still runs even in the event of local network or server issues.

Unlike some other systems, Symmetry software and Symmetry Door Controllers are designed together as a single system, allowing enhanced security options, improved data download speeds and the highest levels of reliability.

All Symmetry Door Controllers use MSMQ Message Queues for reliability, and offer AES256 bit encryption for security.

The Symmetry M2150 range of Door Controllers is the most flexible range in the industry, cost effectively offering between 2 and 16 doors in every enclosure. Various optional expansion boards allow any access control design requirement to be met.

The Symmetry EN range of Edge Network Controllers provide Power over Ethernet access control with reliability and high data transmission rates

Symmetry SR is the new range of Door Controllers and is a unique plug-and-play solution for legacy Casi Rusco access control systems.

Symmetry M2150 Door Controllers

M2150 Symmetry Door Controller

M2150 Door Controllers are an up-to-date and totally flexible range of controllers, offering high reliability, security and cost effective design solutions for any access control project.

Database Controllers offering support for 2,4, or 8 doors are available and these can be expanded up to 16 doors through 2, 4, or 8 door satellite door controllers.

Database controllers can connect to any IP network with various security options

Various Input and Output modules and control boards allow M2150 door controllers to control and receive commands from other security equipment.

M2150 is used for some of the world's largest and most secure access control systems, and is a cost-effective option for any access control project.


Symmetry EN Edge Network Controllers

Symmetry EN Edge Network Controller

Symmetry Edge Network controllers are designed for IT centric access control installations where it makes sense for a network based controller to be installed close to each door.

Supporting power over ethernet, with enough power for the card reader and most typical door locks and strikes, the EN controllers are normally wall mounted just inside the door or above a suspended ceiling.

EN Controllers can be combined with M2150 and are perfect for situations where there is only one door or for remote locations where a larger controller is not appropriate.

As with all Symmetry Door Controllers, the Edge Network range do not need to be updated as the system software is upgraded or the system is expanded.


Symmetry SR Controllers for New or Retrofit

Symmetry SR Controller

Symmetry SR is the latest range of Symmetry Door Controllers and is designed for one specific application: Providing a plug-and-play solutions for users of legacy Casi Rusco Picture Perfect and FCWnX systems who are migrating to Symmetry.

The concept of the SR range is simple. You just pull out the old boards from the legacy Micro-5 controllers and replace them with the equivalent Symmetry SR boards.

All Symmetry SR customers are able to enjoy exactly the same up-to-date Symmetry features as any other installation.

Symmetry SR uses the same fast and high reliability network communications as all other Symmetry door controllers.