AMAG Symmetry Unified Video

Symmetry Unified Video

Symmetry Unified Video

Symmetry Video Management is a fully featured system providing multiple options for viewing and storage of video from security cameras. The video system can be used on its own but more usually is used in combination with the Symmetry Access Control system.

By combining Symmetry Video Management with Symmetry Access Control, a single user interface can be adopted for all security requirements. This reduces training and licensing requirements, and also makes response to security incidents faster and more effective.

By combining Video with Access Control, video clips can be viewed from the Symmetry Alarm screen, cameras can be viewed from Graphical Site Plans, and automated Software Triggers in Symmetry can display relevant video to control room security officers whenever any defined event occurs within the security system.

Symmetry Video Management includes NVR recording software for leading Network IP Cameras and Encoders. Additionally Symmetry integrates with Video Management Systems from Milestone and many other leading manufacturers.


Symmetry Unified Video Management Software
  • Video Management is included as standard with Symmetry
  • Includes NVR storage software for network cameras
  • Complete range of Symmetry HD network cameras
  • Virtual Matrix and Video Replay screens
  • Flexible expansion capabilities
  • Integrates with other leading Video Management Systems and leading NVR / DVR
  • Fully integrated with Access Control
  • Full integration of video with alarms and events
  • Advanced video triggers
  • Designed for fast response to security incidents
  • Handles video analytic alarms in Symmetry

Symmetry Unified Video Software

Symmetry Video Software
  • Symmetry Video Management can be fully integrated into Symmetry Access Control
  • Symmetry allows access control, alarms and video to be managed from a single application
  • Any security event in Symmetry from whatever source can be linked to video
  • Video integration allows faster response to security alarms and other incidents
  • A software virtual matrix allows up to 36 cameras to be viewed per monitor
  • Supports camera tours and other advanced features
  • Video replay allows up to 4 video feeds to be synchronized
  • Security alarms can be linked to video clips automatically for viewing during alarm response
  • Video can be viewed from any Symmetry graphical map
  • Video generated alarms can trigger any required response in Symmetry software

Unified Video Integration Options

Video Management
  • Symmetry Video Management provides multiple options for viewing and recording of video
  • Video from Symmetry network cameras and encoders is supported
  • Symmetry supports network cameras from Axis, Sony, Bosch and Panasonic
  • Video Management Systems from Verint, Pelco, Milestone, Exacq, OnSSI, Salient and others can be integrated into Symmetry
  • Digital Video Recorders from Pelco and others can be integrated
  • Legacy switchers and multiplexers can also be integrated into Symmetry

Symmetry Network Cameras

Symmetry Network IP Cameras
  • Symmetry range comprises H.264 HD Network Cameras
  • Includes indoor and outdoor and Pan / Tilt / Zoom models
  • The cameras provide high image quality with minimum network bandwidth
  • All cameras include advance motion detection capabilities
  • Video Analytics are can be turned on in each camera with a license
  • Installation and configuration in Symmetry software are straightforward
  • Video is stored using Symmetry NVR software
  • Models available include IR illumination and one-touch zoom features
  • Analytic alarms can trigger an automated security response in Symmetry

Symmetry Video Encoders

Symmetry Video Encoders
  • Symmetry Encoders convert legacy analog video camera signals to network video
  • Video output to Symmetry for storage is H.264 format
  • Supports up to 25 frames per second (PAL) and 30 fps (NTSC) for every camera
  • Rack mount blade models include 1U 12 camera and 4U 40 camera options
  • Small chassis are provided for 4 channel and 1 channel models
  • Includes advanced motion detection as standard in every model
  • On-board advanced Video Analytics can be separately licensed for every channel