Symmetry Video Management Software

Video Management

Video Management

Symmetry offers feature rich Video Management solutions with multiple options for viewing and storing of video from Network IP security cameras. The video surveillance system can be used separately but is used more usually in combination with the Symmetry Access Control system.

Combining Symmetry Video Management with Symmetry Access Control provides a single software solution for all security requirements. Integrating video with access control and alarm management using Symmetry makes response to security incidents faster and more effective. This significantly increases security and reduces cost.

A wide range of Symmetry Network Cameras and video encoders are available and all of them are available with advanced on-board video analytics.

Symmetry CompleteView

Symmetry CompleteView Video Management

New to the Symmetry product platform is a feature-rich set of video solutions, Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System, Symmetry PowerProtect NVR server platforms, and Symmetry TouchView Mobile apps. Secure, flexible, reliable open architecture Video Management Solutions are now available from Symmetry.

The user friendly, intuitive Video Management software provides a comprehensive set of integrated video control features including per-camera configuration of all video streaming and recording parameters, advanced PTZ control on event, live / recorded video, and simultaneous support for multiple video formats.

This next generation of security solutions provides users with unprecedented security management and situational awareness unmatched in the market today.


Symmetry Unified Video

Symmetry Unified Video Management

Symmetry Unified Video is included as standard with every installation of a Symmetry Access Control System and makes security operations more efficient while increasing the level of security.

It’s possible to connect just a few cameras for additional monitoring of specific areas, or Symmetry can manage the entire video monitoring and storage for an organization – either directly or through integration with a third party video recording system.

By combining Video with Access Control, video clips can be viewed from the Symmetry Alarm screen, cameras can be viewed from graphical site plans, and automated software triggers in Symmetry can display relevant video to control room security officers when any event occurs within the security system.


Symmetry Network Cameras

Symmetry Network Cameras

Symmetry High Definition Network Cameras are designed to complement the Symmetry Security Management System.

All of the cameras in the range include built-in advanced motion detection as standard, and alarms from the cameras can automatically trigger commands throughout Symmetry, including the display of the video stream to a control room operator or automatic tightening of security throughout the facility.

Moving beyond advanced motion detection all of the cameras in the range are available with high quality on-board video content analytics which can provide an extra layer of security for an integrated security system.

The camera range includes models with advanced features such as one-touch zoom and repositionable fixed dome cameras.


Symmetry Encoders

Symmetry Video Encoders

Video encoders still have a role in upgrading analog cameras that were previously attached to a DVR into the network IP video management system.

The Symmetry range of encoders includes everything from single channel units to rack mount chassis for up to 40 cameras. Video is encoded at full frame rate using the latest H.264 format, and is stored on open network storage using the Symmetry NVR software.

As an added feature the Symmetry encoders offer advanced motion detection and video content analytics on every channel. This can significantly improve overall security using the integrated triggers in Symmetry software.